Link and the Fire Slug [ VIDEO ]

Somebody probably already done this or at least started it, but inevitably enemies and creatures that you encounter in games will have actual life cycles to them. Maybe when the game is started their ages and family structures are established as well. If you encounter elderly creatures they might be slower and younger creatures might not be as accurate, but also if you kill a creature’s offspring it could become enraged and even more dangerous than another of its kind currently in its prime. I think it would add a welcomed sense of realism to whatever type of game you’re playing.

source: YouTube


  • Nobody

    I have ran into some of those features in MMOs.

    Mobs with maturity levels that made them stronger(young<mature<old<Alpha) where the same mobs were just bigger with scaled up damage and HP.

    I have also seen linked pulls of mother and child monsters where if you kill the weaker child the mother gets a major rage buff.

  • wryy

    They got their second chance in Pokémon