Least Anticipated Video Game Releases of 2013 [ VIDEO ]

I like how the redneck in Honey Boo Boo Racer is also the boring constituent that you have to listen to in The C-SPAN Adventure Game. Nice touch.

source: YouTube


  • John Strider

    Steve, the embeded video is not working.

    • John Strider


      • I was wondering if anyone was going to notice it before I fixed the issue.

  • CoolDude

    Don’t forget Final Fantasy XV!
    A very linear FMV Movie with no interaction! You still have to change paradigms, though.

    • Anonymous

      How do you change paradigms without any interaction?

      • CoolDude

        You can’t! And if you fail to change it, the movie will start all over again! ISN’T THAT WONDERFUL? (Sarcastic)

  • ThisIsNotDan

    I would play Creed’s Assassin.

  • Idiot

    Wait! Aren’t there already Walking Dead episodic games? With lots of positive things said of them?

    • Anonymous

      Not by people who are sick of zombies. LET THE FAD DIE ALREADY!

      • thewood

        I’m less sick of zombies than I am of Call of Duty Modern-but-slightly-in-the-future-Warfare.