iStalkHer [ VIDEO ]

Today’s comic is not an actual comic, but instead a video. If you can’t see the video above or you’re viewing this via the rss feed, here’s the link to it’s YouTube home:

First off, I just wanted to mention that the music I used in the ad was Orba Squara‘s “Perfect Timing”. The version of the song used in the real iPhone ads has an electric guitar and has a more “poppy” feel. But the original version of the song synced up just fine.

I was joking about this with a few friends this weekend. I tried to imagine it as a comic, but I felt it would work much better as a video. This would have been a lot more difficult if Apple didn’t put HD versions of EVERYTHING they create online. That, Google and a bunch of sites that create components for making iPhone mockups. Though, this still wound up taking almost twice as long as a regular comic to create. I still feel it was worth it.

Thanks to a the interweb, tech support from readers like you, having a spare iBook sitting around and the Apple Store I now have a working computer. To prove it, I was able to create this video on it. That’s saying something. I appreciate everyone who helped out. Whether it was donations or purchase, which both helped relieve any repair costs, or email support or kind words… They were all greatly appreciated and helped a lot. Thanks again.