If Geek Girls Acted Like Geek Guys [ VIDEO ]

I don’t get it? Is this video supposed to be satire? This happens to me every time I walk into a comic book store. I can always tell that the rotund man sitting behind the counter is secretly undressing me with his shifty eyes. It can be very unnerving. Still, the jokes on him. Because underneath those clothes I am completely naked.

I honestly have no idea what I was going for in that previous paragraph. Just watch the video.


  • meh

    Is it considered hitting on somebody if you’re just pestering them and saying that they are not really part of your group? Sounds like just annoying them. I don’t understand how this is a thing. If I saw a girl in a setting typically considered to geeky or something I’d strike up a conversation about the topic just the same as I would with a guy and assume that they knew things. People seriously just launch into allegations about someone’s lack of knowledge without just talking to them normally first? Who does that?

    • No

      No one actually does this. I go to comic shops, game stores, etc. There are girls around. No one’s treating them any differently.

      This is a video for the vocal minority. It’s not representative of real life.

      • Eman

        This, more or less. I’ve gone to several comics shops with my female friends and haven’t seen this happen once. Not that it doesn’t happen, but it’s much more of a mythical occurance now, possibly because there’s been more time to become socially adjusted or more socially adjusted people are taking residence in geeky hobbies.

        And to be fair, fake geek guys are just as annoying as any kind of wanna-be.

        • FuzzyWulfe

          I think it’s more prevalent in the larger conventions, though I’m not saying it happens a lot. It’s probably those fans that feel that comic books are getting too mainstream, it used to be their personal safe domain, and they feel the need to be the alpha in this one area. When conventions get bigger, you tend to see the fratboy douche people, and some tend to forget that common decency and laws still apply.

  • TheyCallMeTomu


    You know, I’m not really into the comic book geek culture. I’m more of an anime fan over here. And, I mean, we have our fujoshi. So I don’t think we really have the “Not a true geek” mindset towards girls. No, we just assume that females are as awful and twisted as we are, what with their yaoi obsession and their Team Fortress 2 shipping.