Harvest Moon ‘Theatrical Trailer’ [ VIDEO ]

Wow. I used to play Harvest Moon a lot. Kind of sad that this is the first instance of any sort of Harvest Moon content on Dueling Analogs.

source: YouTube
via: Crunchyroll


  • Sky Render

    That was pretty amusing, all right. I like how it was based off of Back to Nature. Brings back many memories…

  • For the record, Harvest Moon 64 is one of my favorite Nintendo games of all time, third only to Super Mario RPG and Kirby Super Star. Fantastic, adorable game, (despite glitches and typos). I find myself drawn back to it every couple of years. So good.

  • thewood

    With that many hotties in town, I think I would go bluebird hunting to get a few more feathers. Screw that guy who says you can’t have all the girls, he’s obviously never played Dragon Age or The Witcher.

  • Mike

    Is it just me, or do most of the female characters look oddly similar?

    Damn that limited console memory space

  • AUSGrizzly

    The combination of each of the games titles during the bar scene. Back to Nature, Wonderful Life and Save the Homeland…

  • yue

    Man, I spent so many weeks playing Harvest Moon : Back to Nature, back in the days. And now I’m stuck again in harvest moon, playing Rune Factory Frontier, on Wii, why are these games so addictive!?

  • Romshark

    I enjoyed the heck out of Harvest Moon 64. But the version I spent the most time was Friends of Mineral Town (GBA). Mostly because it was portable.
    This is weird because I just got back into the Harvest Moon stuff a week ago. Playing A New Beginning on the 3DS a lot now.