GTAV Trailers Michael, Franklin, Trevor [ VIDEO ]

Earlier today, Rockstar released three different trailers for GTAV that individually featured each of the three main protagonists of the game – Michael, Franklin and Trevor. In case you missed them or want to watch them again, I’ve decided to repost it for your viewing pleasure.

Michael, Franklin and Trevor’s Consolidated Trailer


  • James

    Michael: CEO
    Trevor: Baseball Player
    Franklin: Car Thief

    • Mike

      You didn’t actually watch the trailer did you?

      OK, You may be right about Michael, he’s got some sort of well-paid job, possibly even legit.

      Trevor is a psycho and junkie, who uses the bat only as a weapon.

      And yeah, Franklin is a car thief, but it’s Grand Theft Auto, EVERY protagonist ever spends most of the game doing that. He’s actually a gang-banger who wants out of the hood.