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This is the exact reason I don’t play any MMORPGs. I’m pretty convinced that if start playing World of Warcraft, now that it’s free to play, that a half-hour in I’ll be shelling out a few hundred real world dollars just to see my troll wearing a bikini. That’s the way those types of games get you, their advertisements offer promises of scantily clad women, but the reality seldom delivers. That’s why I only play games with very low review scores. That way my since my expectations are already low, I’m never disappointed by expecting too much.

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  • MindTricked

    With regards to WoW, that’s not a true F2P – their “free play” is more of an extended trial. You might as well just subscribe and play, or move on, no harm/no foul. Now, there are true F2P games that WILL have you considering throwing money at them for perks/costumes/whatever, and yeah – best avoid those if you’re weak-willed and/or poor.

    • name_go_here

      /agree. WoW’s F2P is only until level 20, which lasts 2 days if you’re taking your time since early game has been so watered down.

      • Vilhelm

        Just curious…how do you mean that the early game has been watered down? There’s just a ridiculous amount of stuff that you can do at level 20 in WoW, much more than there was at launch, 9 years ago. I agree that it isn’t really a F2P game, just an extended trial, but….

        • FuzzyWulfe

          There’s plenty of stuff to see and do, but it’s not that hard to get to level 20 if you have any idea of what you’re doing. In a way, it’s like going to SDCC. Even just doing quests won’t take that long since most of them are fetch quests, and you’ll be gaining experience from the mobs you kill to find enough quest drops.

          • Vilhelm

            I totally agree, Fuzzy. It really is just a short trial mode…but I don’t see how the “early game has been so watered down” as the previous poster had said. If he just meant that you level faster, yeah, I guess. But there’s nothing stopping you from doing the, like, 11 different starting zones. And you get key class skills much sooner now. You can run some dungeons, probably do some low-level pet battling, etc. etc.

  • LexiXavier

    Or you could play one of the few true free online games. like Path of Exile. ….can’t think of any others off hand though.

    • Vilhelm

      Card Hunters is pretty fun. I’m very excited about Hex, though it’s just in alpha right now.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    I’ve been playing Neverwinter Online lately. I spent like 10 bucks once, but for the most part, I’ve never seriously spent any amount of cash on anything cosmetic or otherwise, and my character is a fairly pimpin’ necromancer.

    You can buy cash shop items by trading in-game currency with other players for cash shop tokens.

    On the other hand, I hear ltos of people throw hundreds of bucks at the game so go figure.