Farewell, GameTrailers [ VIDEO ]

As mentioned on their Twitter account:

After 13 years, GameTrailers is closing down today. Thank you for your continued support over the years. It has been an adventure.

Definitely sad to see them go. Before YouTube got big, I visited their site religiously. Less and less, though, as the years went on. Nonetheless, they were definitely an important part of the online gaming landscape and they will be sorely missed.

On a related note, I actually did a bunch of illustrative work for GameTrailers, back in ’08. They ran a video podcast called Invisible Walls and they commissioned me to do illustrations for all the heads of the people on the show. I included a sample image of some of them that I found in my email.

Invisible Walls

Invisible Walls

Man, my older artwork does not hold up to the test of time.

source: YouTube