Fairy Powerful, Indeed! [ VIDEO ]

If I knew anything about dragon or fairy lore, I am almost willing to bet that I could confirm that this video is completely accurate and that Pokémon X and Y were 100% correct in balancing the various types of Pokémon the way they did. But since the only thing I know about dragons is that their balls grant wishes, and that fairies can carry people and cars across large spans of water, I cannot.

source: YouTube


  • Tustin2121

    I hate the Fairy type. They just stuck it on whatever the hell Pokemon they felt like and it throws off the whole type balance on half the Pokemon I knew. I mean, with Steel type’s introduction, at least it makes sense which Pokemon they added them to, because a) it was always new Pokemon that had the new type and b) they LOOKED like they were steel. But with Fairy, I run into freaking Hoppip and I’m like “oh, it’s a Grass Flying type, let’s whack it with a good solid rock move”, and it does barely any damage, and then I find out, no its a Grass FAIRY type now, and I go “WHAT?! It’s not a f***ing fairy, it’s a flying seed kind of Pokemon”, but the games are all like, “nope, FAIRY now!” and now I’ve been rambling too long on one sentence.

    tl;dr: F*** the Fairy type. End fanboy rant.