Evolution of 8-Bit Art [ VIDEO ]

With 8-bit its not what you want to do, but how well you can do it with the limitations you are given.

source: YouTube


  • Dude, the ET one in perspective, really?

  • arnihs

    Bull shit, 8-bit is just a fad much like wearing vintage* clothing and only lame hipster with to much time would re-explore this “new-medium” =_= . . .

    • Phaelin

      The two are linked, sure, but 8-bit goes beyond these hipsters and their self-obsessed bullshit.

      8-bit is art from a time and a place that continues to exist, surprisingly well, in a modern context.

    • grapemandk

      8-bit is a hipster fad?
      fad /fad/ Noun: An intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, esp. one that is short-lived
      only hipsters are interested =/= widely shared
      short-lived =/= started in 70’s, continuing on 40 years later.

      8-bit is a genre that thrives because of how ageless it is.
      10, 15, 20 years from now, people will *still* enjoy games like Super Mario Bros., games like 3D Dot Heroes will *still* continue to be made in hopes of emulating the glory days, and 8-bit music and art will *still* thrive.

      I highly doubt that current iterations of any generic FPS games (ooh, blockbuster games!) will withstand the test of a year’s time, 2 year’s time tops.