Epic “Long Live Play” Commercial [ VIDEO ]

Who ever was behind the latest commercial in Sony’s “Long Live Play” advertising campaign deserves a HUGE raise. I don’t care which platform or format you prefer. If you’re a gamer, you’ll appreciate this.


  • Kyle

    That was impressive! They obviously put a lot of care into making the characters look good in real life.

  • Kuipo

    “I don’t care which platform or format you prefer. If you’re a gamer, you’ll appreciate this.”
    Except, of course, unless you play PC games and don’t play FPS. Then you don’t know about 80%+ of the people in the commercial since most of those people are all Console title game characters.

    • NickNackGus

      I suspect you’re right. I’ve mostly played Nintendo games and the Portal series, minus the Half Life half. I was quickly killed by headcrabs in the demo, although I bet the full game would have trained me for that. Other than that, I’ve played several PC games and a PS2 game, plus some simulated consoles and handhelds.

    • 06th

      I find that rather odd. I haven’t played hardly any of these (although I’d say I’m more of a console gamer), but I still recognize them. Have you seriously managed to avoid any exposure to ALL of them?

  • Kalgalath

    I agree…. excellent commercial.. definitely deserving of at the very least a fat bonus to the idea guy and a nice bonus for the executors as well.

  • MindTricked

    Good stuff.

  • Chaos

    Holy shit.

    That’s all that came out of my mouth. It’s great that they paid so much attention to detail, as well as getting David Hayter for Snake.

  • Nuckel

    Well, they mostly did a decent job getting the characters right but in the end the slow pace and the rather worn out idea of making the gamer a hero will make this thing age very fast.

    • leon

      its a commercial dude.

  • ApostleO

    Just pointing out, it is “Long Live Play,” not “Live Long Play.”
    Anyway, good stuff.

  • TecXero

    Was that grey haired guy Solid Snake? Wow I feel like I’m missing years of gaming by being a pc gamer.