Attacking the Darkness [ VIDEO ]

Yesterday, Topless Robot posted an article about the top ten moments for RPGs in 2013. In the article, they shared an 8-bit reenactment the first Dead AlewivesDungeons & Dragons audio parody. I realized, after watching it again, that I never actually shared that video on Dueling Analogs before… Until now!

A lot of you might have already seen this in the past, but if the internet has taught me anything it taught me that something is always new to someone and just because you’ve seen it, doesn’t mean everyone else has too… Actually, I think those lessons are pretty much the same. Internet should have taught me that.

source: YouTube


  • Yessss… Post more D & D, more! Mwahahaha!

  • thewood

    CLASSIC!!! I haven’t seen that since college!

  • FuzzyWulfe

    Haven’t seen this since college either. We saw the one which used the PS2 Summoner character models. We even used “I cast magic missile” as an inside joke that we refused to explain to one of our group because he was kind of a jerk half the time. He also never asked about it; he just started trying to do it.

    • Pandalulz

      Yeah, I’ve never seen this version, only the Summoner one.

  • As much as I enjoy this skit… I’m sad that the other parts of it seemed to have vanished from the internet. :(

  • DisappointedOne

    When I read “top ten moments for RPGs” i kind of expected some hilarious stories about pen and paper…

    Too bad it is actually just a list of short product reviwes.

  • Damn, haven’t seen this one in a while.

  • Oh, hey, I still have a .swf of the origional (ie; it has the credits with the D & D “Hey Jude” parody), if you’d like me to send it in. Animation was done by Pyro Wolf/Cuber Moon Studios. He used to have a site, but it’s gone and his DA page I found has been inactive for a few years…

  • Michael C.

    Despite playing D&D since high school, I’ve never quite understood what’s so funny about “I’m attacking the darkness!” or “Then how come you had to cast magic missile?” I totally get the humor in the idiot that needed to be smacked and brought back to the table and the arguing about “no you didn’t actually -cast- the spell, dickhead!”, though.