Conker is Totally Back, Guys* [ VIDEO ]

So during Microsoft’s press conference at E3, they shared that Conker was going to be coming to Project Spark. What is Project Spark? Well, according to Microsoft:

Project Spark is “where players create and creators play”… [it] is a powerful, yet simple way to build and play your own worlds, stories, and games.

So basically, it is Little Big Planet.

I can see JonTron’s reason for disgust. Nothing against Project Spark, because I honestly know very little about it. It’s just that the last time we had an actual new Conker game was Conker: Live and Reloaded in 2005 and that was for the original Xbox. Isn’t it about time for a new actual Conker game, Microsoft/Rare?!

source: YouTube


  • David

    I was never a fan of Conker so instead I’ll take Blast Corps, Jet Force Gemini, a real Banjo game and top it off with Perfect Dark.

    • Tyler

      Problem is because it’s modern Rare… we won’t see any of those things. I hesitate to say ever, but if Nuts and Bolts taught us anything.. do we really want them back that badly?

      • David

        Oh yeah. Rare is like the Simpsons, it still exists and it does good work from time to time but what I think of when I hear the name died a long time ago.
        Although I feel like modern Rare get more crap than they deserve. They mostly just get stuck on weak projects (Kinect Sports is well made but nobody wants it, their work with the Avatar system is good it’s just Avatars aren’t that interesting and they personally don’t do anything with it).
        Banjo was well made for the most part, it’s just ruined by the Nuts and Bolts concept. Although for all my gripes with it I must admit I had fun with it for a while. Perfect Dark Zero’s main problem was that it took a lot of gameplay cues from the very dated Perfect Dark/GoldenEye. Aside from that it was well built. One of the most feature packed early FPS games on the 360. Kameo was a good game, granted old Rare had a major role in that. The new Killer Instinct has it’s problems but even with real Rare behind it Killer Instinct was never fantastic.

        I think given the chance they could make a great Blast Corps game. It’s not a hard concept to get right as long as they don’t shoehorn Kinect into it (I like Kinect, but it’s not the game for it). It lends itself to avatars, game clips, achievements, challenges and leaderboards pretty easily. It’s also a good game to showcase a consoles physic/graphic capabilities. I think if Microsoft could just see that potential in it they’d have Rare make at least an XBOX Live Arcade version to launch with each console.