Character Creation Gone Terribly Wrong [ VIDEO ]

Something to keep in mind- I mean, “WHAAATTTT?!” Fortunately, I would never be in a situation like this.

source: YouTube


  • So… I’m *supposed* to root for the apocalypse AI woman, right?

    ’cause the guy is kind of a dick and all.

  • Ryu

    So he’s a misogynist because he likes to play out personal fantasies in his personal time, in the privacy of his own home?

    I mean, it’s a little fucked up he wanted to take control of and play with a sentient entity, but that doesn’t make him a misogynist.

  • Paul

    lol I like how everyone who’s left a comment on this page doesn’t get the joke.

  • IG84

    Man, the “Weird Science” reboot needs to up its special effects budget.