Boring Conversation Anyway [ VIDEO ]

I sometimes think that BioWare deliberately gives the most unexpected response to dialog choices. “They’ll think they’re being nice, but what they are really doing is starting an intergalactic civil war.” Lord help us all if BioWare ever decides to get into the business of peace treaties.

source: YouTube
via: Kotaku


  • omniaus

    That’s why I follow the Bioware mantra:
    Top text good. Bottom text bad.

    • Gothic Sora

      my thoughts exactly

  • ksharp25

    Umm….so…since Beta, SW:TOR has these icons next to dialogue choices that will clearly grant you points toward good or bad. So..that pretty blue star = good guy choice, that red and black diamond = bad guy choice. It’s not that complicated. I mean dont get me wrong I loved the video and laughed, but if the creators who posted that were in anyway being serious and trying to make a legitimate slam on the game = epic fail

    • Paul

      Yeah, this^

    • Gothic Sora

      To be fair There were times in Mass effect 1 and 3 that even knowing the choices on the top are good and the ones on the bottom are bad, that the Characters don’t do what you expect because they stylize the response.

  • Someone

    Also, it’s all too easy to just hit “esc” and start the conversation over if it’s not going your way.

  • Jess-O

    Aaaaand you can toggle off the dark-side ugly effect too!