Blown Away [ VIDEO ]

So that was their game all along.

source: Adult Swim


  • thewood

    I always suspected as much, and still blew away…

    • Meiriana

      …or still doing it.. Got to love those games on a rainy day. :D

  • PrinceJonathan

    Saddly I don’t have any NES games anymore. But I do have to blow into SNES and even N64 cartridges. And sometimes I have to slip an index card or something behind them to act as a shock absorber, because the slightest tremor will cause them to freeze.

    Funny how they still mostly work after all these years, yet a tiny scratch will render a CD useless. I get a scratch on my copy of Twilight Princess and its like “WAAAAHHHH I BROKE A NAIL” and my copy of Majora’s Mask, which has a big hole in the back of it and it still works, is like “PPPUUUSSSSSSYYY!!!”.

    Fuck CD’s man, those cartridges deserve ALL THE BLOWJOBS for their many years of loyal service no matter the abuse they take.