BIT.TRIP RUNNER Finally Utilizes the Wii’s Full Potential [ VIDEO ]

BIT.TRIP RUNNER is new on WiiWare. It’s a rhythm-based action platform that takes place in a sprite based world that looks like something straight out of the Atari 2600. But don’t write that off as a bad thing as the game looks 1000% better when you actually see it in motion. And did I mention it has an awesome chiptune/8-bit soundtrack? Definitely a selling point for something that’s rhythm-based.

Developer by Gaijin Games and published by Aksys Games, BIT.TRIP RUNNER is available now on WiiWare for 800 Wii points.



  • mikeszekely

    Sidescrolling. Juming and sliding. I can’t be the only one having flashbacks to Mega Man 8’s snowboard levels…

  • Steve, you gotta play more good Wii games…

    (just stating a fact, I’m not dissing the game, it looks fantastic)

  • c

    Looks like Robot Unicorn Attack

  • ClashMovator

    These auto-scrolling platformers are getting kinda common these days. Is there even a name for the sub-genre?

  • Adam

    I don’t get how it’s rhythm based and there doesn’t seem to be a description on the website, can you explain it please?

  • @Adam The on-screen action coincides with the soundtrack.