Battled Psyched [ VIDEO ]

Servers them right. Eh? EH?

Seriously, though. Show of hands how many people have actually experienced this in one form or another while gaming.

via: Kotaku


  • Sensei Le Roof

    I… guess… you have to know Battlefield to get this?

  • Vilhelm

    Yeah, is the joke just that they were psyched and then they lost? Or, was the joke that they lost just as the load screen finished? Or was time supposed to have passed there, and they lost after a tough match?

  • Wotaod

    BF3’s match placement mechanic pays no attention at all to the status of a match before dropping you in. Occasionally (or frequently depending on your luck), players will get dropped into a game with 1 or 2 kills or 10 seconds remaining before a team wins. Sometimes it works in your favor, but more often than not you’ll wind up on the losing team due to rage quitters. You’re welcome.

    • Yeah, I don’t even play online games often but I’ve had this happen to me in pretty much every online game I’ve ever played. This video cracked me up.

  • Nomotos

    The “tips” in the loading screen make this little movie.