Are Video Games too Long? [ VIDEO ]

So much solidarity with this video.

First off, the video reminded me of this. I’ll be completely honest, I almost expected him to mention it in the video. Spoiler alert: he never does.

I love video games, I just never have the time to play them anymore. I’ve had South Park: The Stick of Truth for a while now. I’m almost at the point where I have forgotten what’s going on and if I want to complete the game I will have to start from the beginning again. That sucks.

Part of the problem is the type of games I enjoy playing: platformers and RPGs. As far as platformers go, great. I can play as long as I like and pretty much pick up where I left off, at a later date, without any sort of learning curve. With role-playing games, not so much. Sure the learning curve isn’t really an issue (besides knowing which spell or attack to use when), but you forget what’s going on in the story, where you’ve been and where you need to go next. I made a comic about that exact same issue years ago, true believers.

Maybe major publishers (see how I said major publishers and not publishers) need to release smaller games that have enough meaningful content to warrant their smaller price. A budget line of games, if you will. Or as Jamin Warren mentioned in the video, games that takes into account what type of lifestyle and time constraints a player has when crafting their personalized gaming experience. That would be really cool.

I wouldn’t expect something like that to come first from a major studio…besides Nintendo, possibly. Those guys be CRAZY!!

What do you think?

source: YouTube
via: Crunchyroll