Another World Looks Beautiful [ VIDEO ]

Level-5 is definitely at the very top of my list of video game developers. The Professor Layton series is awesome and their work on the Dragon Quest series (VIII and IX…shame they’re not working with Square-Enix on X) was superb. But it’s the PS3 version of Ni no Kuni (二ノ国 a.k.a The Another World) that they created with Studio Ghibli that just has me saying, “Wow!” Watch the trailer and you’ll be saying the same.

Another World Looks Beautiful

source: Joystiq


  • Matoos

    Yeah, a pity it probably won’t leave Japan. The DS game looks amazing too, and still no news about a publisher in Europe or the US :(

    • With how well Catherine did, I could see Atlus snatching up the publishing rights if someone else doesn’t first.

      • Taroni

        Yeah I was amazed with Catherine’s popularity, only Atlus game my friends played without me introducing it. But for NA release Level 5 may leave that to D3 T_T

  • Not to nitpick, but it should be “they’re” instead of “their” when talking about Dragon Quest X.

    On another note, the game looks awesome. I’d love to see it hit the US. For whatever reason, it looks a lot like a Tales of Symphonia + Pokemon hybrid when it comes to combat, and I have absolutely no problem with that.

  • Maik

    Wow, Ghibli and Level-5? I NEED this! And yeah, I was really surprised when I saw Catherine in store counters around Buenos Aires… I really hope that it’s success increases the number of imported games…

  • Sixclaws

    It’ll never leave Japan because the hero is not an underweight, flat chested shemale dressed in hipster clothing.

    • lmaologanlol

      You forgot surrounded with an air of angst… we…. we ARE talking about final fantasy, yea?