And then my friends you die… [ VIDEO ]

This is some Dark World humor right here.

source: YouTube


  • Eldrich Belmont

    Sooo sad… :'(

  • Eyebrows

    So sad, so hilarious, plus a surprising twist.

  • At first I thought the Continue/Retry/End menu was going to come up.

    • Drackmore

      I was thinking a fairy. but yours is cool too.

  • BigLord

    Saddest fanfare ever :(

  • Pocket Lord Sephirjon

    That’s one crappy inheritance.

    • thewood

      I know, at least could have been a red rupee, but green!?! That’s just low man.

  • Kree

    But green rupies only get the lesser “badadabadadabing” fanfare! :V

    I always assumed the phantasmal explosion thing only applied to creatures of some sort of unqualified generic evil denomination that’s apparently globally present across the Zelda universe.

    • Tustin2121

      Yes, I thought this as well. Then again, nobody dies in Zelda….

      Unless you count Dampee! He’s a ghost!! Also, where do Redeads come into play?

  • Stan

    Lol, you’ve had two sips, there’s no milk left.