Death Star: An Inside Job [ VIDEO ]

While not “completely” gaming related, there are more than enough Star Wars titles that I could piece together a mediocre argument as to why this video is relevant. Nonetheless, I thought this was awesome and wanted to share it with as many people as possible. Enjoy!

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  • Andtalath

    Minor gripe (which could actually have been used to strengthen the case).
    It wasn’t actually Darth Vader who was in control of the station, it was Grand Moff Tarkin.

    As much is quite evident in the movie, even without commentary and Expanded Universe.

    With those two, it is clear that Tarkin was in fact the mastermind behind the Death Star.

    • FooLKiller


  • Sigurther

    Grand Moff. Pfffftthahahahhaah. There’s your problem!

  • Anonymous

    R2 wasn’t created by Anakin and C3PO doesn’t remember that Anakin built him (via memory wipe).

    Also, Luke’s wasn’t the only Rebel fighter to survive.

    • Nobody

      The video stated that all other rebel fighters either died or failed their attack runs. The ones that failed pulled out to regroup for another run.

      • Anonymous

        Ah, sorry, the video was a little long for me to remember my rebuttal correctly.

        The correct rebuttal is: not ALL surviving rebel pilots attempted attack runs. Weren’t there only something like 2 other attack runs?

  • DuckInADungeon

    while obviously this isn’t meant to be taken seriously there are plenty of holes to be poked in this argument, like ‘the force’ isn’t mentioned at all, Darth Vader though his children were dead and only learns later that Luke is his son grown up, Luke learns of his relationship with Leah at a much later point, as well as a few other things that have been mentioned before; Again, this is fun for what it is an alternate view of the star wars universe, maybe it could be seen as an empire propaganda short, but as far as making a full argument, its too much of a slippery slope asking you to accept one thing that seems reasonable and then building on it to make what appears to be a solid argument, but if taken as a whole there are just too many what if and how about

    I think its been linked or posted on this site before but for a much more interesting alternate perspective on the star wars universe try reading

  • Why do I keep hearing “Aldebran”?

    • Also, that guy shown in the video as Wedge Antilles is not Wedge. Check the Wookieepedia!