Aeris [ VIDEO ]

As I push up my nerd glasses…phoenix downs are used to revive characters who have been knocked out in battle, not to bring people back from the dead.

source: YouTube


  • Annales

    Sooo… what is your interpretation of “revive”? Alternative facts anyone!?! Eh eh?

    • Revive (verb)
      restore to life or *consciousness*.

      Look it up.

  • Metal C0Mmander

    Yes “knocked out”. Just like pokemons only “faint”.

  • skyrender

    There’s actually been an interesting bit of development in the FF series over the years concerning what happens to allies when they fall in battle. In the earliest games, falling in battle means you’re dead; no incapacitated status, no unconscious status, just flat-out dead. And in those games, Phoenix Downs are not buyable. They don’t even exist in the original FF1, and they’re extremely rare in FF2 and 3. FF4 was the first game to start letting you buy Phoenix Downs, and also the first to make a clear distinction: when a character falls in battle, they’re not dead, they’re just in a state that causes them to be unable to fight, and that state of unconsciousness is too extreme to be classified as the same as being asleep.

    That said, the distinction has always been very weak and contrived. They mostly only did it to justify why bringing downed allies back in battle was now much easier to do than in previous games, without really thinking about the deeper implications of why that didn’t work with characters who die during the plot. FF5 was the only one that even tried to give a canon explanation for it: incapacitated is well short of getting killed, and an ally who is hurt so badly that it kills them has taken serious damage even beyond getting KO’d. Be thankful that no FF ever decided to roll with this and let enemies target KO’d allies to genuinely kill them.

    • vovat

      And FF characters can generally survive things a lot worse than a sword in the back. Nuclear blasts, for instance.