Why Gaming is a Positive Element in Life [ article ]

The only one I’m kind of iffy about is “It’s been said that people develop stronger relationships online that in real life.” Its not so much that I disagree with it, but since you’re not actually interacting with another person IRL a lot of the personal quirks that someone might find annoying are much easier to disguise over the net. Like you’re getting to know the persona and not the person. Not saying that’s always the case, but it does happen.

source: deviantART
via: Gamefreaks


  • KPSquall

    The part that gets me here is the W.O.W one, all the time all those players spent all together equaling 5.9 million years, what is so positive about that?

  • Kyo

    “Most people assume that the best selling games are violent shooters” and to disprove this, they give numbers from 2008 aka the year before CoD MW 2, the title who took the sales of violent shooters to a whole new level.

    • TheyCallMeTomu

      So you suggest that the proportion of FPS games to non-FPS games has radically changed since 2008? Do you have hard data to back up said hypothesis?

      • Nomotos

        Evidence? Really?

        CoD:MW2, Battlefield BC2, Medal of Honor, Gears of War 3, Homefront, Resistance 3, Halo: Reach, CoD: Black Ops, Battlefield 3, CoD: MW3, Left for Dead 2…there’s more but I think my point is made.

        • Frankie D.

          The only point you’ve made is that you know the names of some games. You haven’t done anything to show how the proportion of sales from those games compare to anything else…

  • Sabbo

    Why does it differentiate “violent shooters” and “action games”? Isn’t the former typically a subcategory of the latter?

    Ignoring of course how outdated that statistic is now anyway.

    • Pocket Lord Sephirjon

      No, ‘shooter’ and ‘action/adventure’ are two different genres.

      • yonderTheGreat

        If it actually said “action/adventure” then you’d have a point. Guess what genre Amazon and most major retailers put CoD in. Action.

  • Kal

    This is the worst infographic I’ve ever seen, its not clearly separated

  • Lord Milkman

    “Rapid Frequent Feedback” does not sound like such a good thing to me. It could be useful if one were, say, building a skill, but in games it’s used primarily as a device to gratify. When dispensed properly it helps games to be addictive, since the feedback is so many times faster and flashier than in real life.

    A few of the statistics are kinda cool, but it undermines itself a few times.

    • BigLord

      What they’re trying to say (… I think) is that games develop your reflexes and reaction time.

  • The Peebs

    I’ll bite, I have to admit the relationships you do build online are awesome. Think about it. The only time you spend with these people you are doing something you really enjoy. If you’re like me you spend A LOT of time with them because you game a lot. I have to admit, I’ve honestly thought about having a family vacation near some spots tha tI have friends..

  • jnite

    Looking at the male to female ratio image I couldn’t help but think,

    (starting from the top) “I’M A MAN! (scroll down)…..in a tiny skirt.”

  • JackVanElraton

    My wife and I met playing Final Fantasy XI Online while unlocking the Dragoon job. We lived about a 1,000 miles from each other, and only saw each other about four times IRL before we got married. The kids and ourselves are doing fine so far. We still get a laugh at the look of other people’s faces when we mention “We met fighting a dragon”.

    • BigLord

      Oh God I envy your life so much right now.

  • Jarrett

    Runescape taught me item value and money management at an early age. Who needs a job to teach you the value of a dollar?