What You Didn’t Know About Nintendo [ article ]

I saw this on Reddit a earlier today and just wanted to share it. I’m impressed by two things: One that someone took the time to research it and put this together. And two, that I was able to compress the entire image down to only 317kb and still make it look good.

via: Reddit


  • eetmorturkee

    I too thought it was a pretty cool graphic, but it looked familiar. Turns out, it’s kinda old, and some of the statistics are out of date. The 125.13M DSs sold, for example, is from the end of 2009, and a quick check on Wikipedia shows that the number is now over 135.5.

    Also, nintendo fanboy though I am, it’s a little dishonest to leave the PS2 off the sales charts. :-|

    • Yeah, I thought leaving the PS2 off the list was a little misleading, as well.

      A little out of date… Hmm, maybe someone can do the research and we could post an updated version on Dueling Analogs.

      • UndeadLex

        Do eet!

      • Metal C0Mmander

        You know they also left the Xbox, the PS1, the Genesis, the Dreamcast and the Atari2600. Jerks!( Just kiding. Altough not for the Gen.)

    • Alex

      Well, I wouldn’t say it’s dishonest because it clearly states that the Wii is the best selling Nintendo console, not the best selling console period.

      • Darth_penguin

        True, and I’d agree if they wouldn’t have posted the sales of the ps3 and 360 on it.

        • Adam

          I was thinking that but then decided it was because they were just putting the latest generation consoles on there that have had similar times to sell over and are in direct competition.

  • Oh god. I HAD that cereal way back when! And I ate it all…and my mom threw away the box. ;_;

    • BigLord

      We didn’t get it over here in Europe. I wish they would make a new one… it SOUNDED delicious (on the advert that is, lol).

  • Jaybonaut

    They also owned ‘Love hotels’ which not too many people know about.

  • Mistellen

    It mentions Sonic the Hedgehog, Halo, and Mortal Kombat as relations, even though there are franchises bigger than those to compare (for example: The Final Fantasy Series)….
    The NES stack height statistic seems unprecedented (was that also how many cartridges were made?)….
    Why use a Mario card? Why not use on of Nintendo’s cards? (Hanafuda, anyone?)
    Who did this research? it’s too incomplete. It doesn’t seem to prove or disprove anything, even though it’s written that way.

  • Nekozilla

    some of those “unknown facts” are actually more well known then people think, i dont remember which issue it was (was bout 10 years ago) but in Nintendo Power they actually made a timeline of the company and mentionned quite a few of the facts like the origins of the company, the meaning of the word nintendo, and Miyamoto’s involvement in the company and so on.

  • Pierre Lebeaupin

    Judging from dates of the latest references, it seems to date from end of january 2010, so by some aspects it is indeed a little bit obsolete. Especially, now the number of iPhones sold (to be accurate, to the end of 2010) is 90 millions (and that’s without counting iPod Touches and iPads…)