Video Game Console Prices [ article ]

Ever wonder how much that video game system of yesteryear would cost now if you adjusted its price for inflation? Me neither. Fortunately for both of us, we have an infographic that does just that.


  • ThisIsNotDan

    Wow, Nintendo’s consoles consistently rule the cheap. But wait, no Virtual Boy?

    • ENDG4MER

      Virtual Boy? What are you talking about, nothing like that exists…

    • SilentS

      The VB is just a figment of your imagination. However if it was real, this is based off of consoles and not on any of the handhelds. Which area all missing.

      • clippit35

        1. Open Wikipedia website;
        2. Type “Virtual Boy” in the search box and press Enter/Return;
        3. …
        4. PROFIT!!!