Valuing Dr. Wily’s Castle [ article ]

I think $113,562,750 is a good price, but only if it comes with a Yellow Devil included.

source: Movoto


  • Semada

    115 centimeters wide….so megaman is almost 4 feet wide? I think he needs to go on a diet….

    • Hiyoto

      It may also be factoring in leg span, not necessarily shoulder width. Best assumption I can make, anyway.

      • I’m guessing from toe to toe. Mega Man does have a wide standing leg span.

    • It’s a robot. Is he supposed to go on sugar-free oil or something?

      • Low-fat energy tanks?

        I have to wonder how Wily gets his hands on the material to build all those stages. Do mad scientists get a discount at Home Depot?

        • Pocket Lord Sephirjon

          Isn’t it obvious? Research grants from the government.