Valuing Aerith’s House [ article ]

Are you kidding me? $1,886,304 for Aerith Gainsborough’s house?! That’s ridiculous. Especially since you’d be living right next to those darn AVALANCHE punks.

On a side note, this is completely relevant.

source: Movoto


  • ThisIsNotDan

    Except that there’s a giant metal plate above Aerith’s house that blocks out the sun and retains horrible air pollution. I think that would put a pretty serious damper on the real-world property value.

  • Falos

    So it’s basically the line “Tribeca = $1,604/ft²” with a thick veneer of video game over it.

    Must be some Reddit thing.

  • Alenonimo

    They’re missing the point. Midgar is a giant slum city, therefore, the closest thing to it is Detroit. The house should costs like 100 bucks.

  • Xuncu

    For that price, there damn better be either Time Lord tech making it bigger on the inside, or Tifa’s breasts pressed against the windows.

  • Raz

    I want to see the price of the villa in Costa del Sol