Valuing Aerith’s House [ article ]

Are you kidding me? $1,886,304 for Aerith Gainsborough’s house?! That’s ridiculous. Especially since you’d be living right next to those darn AVALANCHE punks.

On a side note, this is completely relevant.

source: Movoto


  • ThisIsNotDan

    Except that there’s a giant metal plate above Aerith’s house that blocks out the sun and retains horrible air pollution. I think that would put a pretty serious damper on the real-world property value.

  • Falos

    So it’s basically the line “Tribeca = $1,604/ft²” with a thick veneer of video game over it.

    Must be some Reddit thing.

  • Alenonimo

    They’re missing the point. Midgar is a giant slum city, therefore, the closest thing to it is Detroit. The house should costs like 100 bucks.

    For that price, there damn better be either Time Lord tech making it bigger on the inside, or Tifa’s breasts pressed against the windows.

  • Raz

    I want to see the price of the villa in Costa del Sol