The Seventeen Pokémon Types [ article ]

Wait…You mean there’s more than just earth, fire and water types?


  • BigLord

    Holy crap that’s a lot of water types o.O

    • berna1111

      So it’s normal for a pokemon to be water type…

      • Rynon

        Makes being a normal type less than water-tight.

        • Thom

          You could say that Water is Normal and Normal pokemon are now known as “Not-Water”

  • Halrawk

    This is an awesome chart for checking the contract on your monitor.

  • FireballDragon

    Well, seeing as the world is 90% water or something like that, it’d only be natural for Water types to be the most abundant.

  • Xuncu

    Makes sense; waters, normals, and flying are the most common:
    Tentacool, Rattata, and FUCKING ZUBAT

  • Chaos

    Steel types are so rare because such high levels of badassitude can only be contained by the finest of specimens.

    That and Metagross counts for approximately 99.8% of all Steel types.