The Most Successful Video Games Consoles [ article ]

The original Playstation and the Wii had similar sales results. A little more impressive for the Wii seeing that the Playstation had a little less real competition. But damn! It’s highly unlikely that any console will ever be able to recapture the market share of the Playstation 2. Especially since there’s no telling how many more generations of consoles there will actually be.


  • BigLord

    What about the portables?

    • Random Guy

      If you see the title of the article it says Consoles not portables.

      • sgotsch

        Console = Gaming machine
        Portable = portable gaming machine
        So in fact me and many other consider portables consoles. I would love to see them integrated, since it should put some things in scale. (Plus the DS sold more units than the PS2 just some monhts ago.)

    • Stego

      If anyone wonders about portables, the most successful one was the original Gameboy iirc. There have possibly been more sales of the DS or even the PSP but the Gameboy was the groundbreaker back in the 90’s.

  • Source link is wrong.

    • Dash12345678

      That source link is an outright paradox.

      • Circular reasoning works because Circular reasoning works… :)

    • Fixed.

  • M

    I disagree with the Playstation vs. Wii comment. You need to account for inflation, increased population and number of gamers worldwide. Just like Gone with the Wind.

    And yes, I am biased against nintendo. *yawn*

    • Triaxx2

      No surprised, everyone is biased against Nintendo.

      • Jeff

        Not me!

  • Jimmy T

    How are you going to call the N64 not REAL competition. To be honest, I would’ve have thought the N64 closer to or better than PS1 sales. None of my friends had one.

    The Wii doesn’t have any competition. It was just a cheap console gamers bought for Mario and Zelda, and casuals bought for casualness.