The Magnificent Moustached Seven [ article ]

Perpetually having a beard limits my ability to participate in Movember.

source: Jacamo


  • PrinceJonathan

    #1 Birdie goes from white to black, dafuq? Oh wait Street Fighter is put out by Capcom, that explains it…sort of.
    #3 Revolver Ocelot is a foxy grandpa, just hearing his manly voice makes me tingle all over. Anyone else think Old Ocelot looks like a more handsome Stan Lee or is it just me?
    #4 A Snake is fine too.

  • Saethori

    Wouldn’t the reason Jax Briggs regains his ‘stache for MK 2011 be because the timeline got reset, so the game takes place before he shaved it in the first place?

  • Triaxx2

    Ganon needs a ‘stache.

  • TNK

    I found a flaw in the list. Wario also did not originally have a moustache as seen in Yoshi’s Island DS. If Mario’s childhood form not having a stache counts, then surely Wario, toted as having one of the greatest staches of all time would qualify for the list too.

  • Kaci

    kinda sad my hand-crafted moustaching of Minas Tirith can’t be copy-pasted here