The Legend of Zelda: Quest Items Throughout the Ages [ article ]

I enjoy gaming infographics, but I don’t post them very often. Mainly because I don’t have the time to verify all the information in them and you guys tend to tear them apart. Not saying I don’t enjoy seeing you guys dissect the inaccuracies, because I do. I just don’t want you to assume that just because I share something, that doesn’t mean I have verified all the information to be 100% accurate. I just thought it was a cool infographic to share, so I did. That is all.



  • Nobody

    Zelda 2 had a quest to deposit crystals in the dungeons. A little odd for a Zelda game to leave items in dungeons but that whole game is odd.

    Spirit tracks is missing the compass needed to find the final portal.

  • JP

    Seeing this is a bitter reminder that I must play all of them. Yes, even the few games I already played because they were so awesome they deserve another playthrough.

    Regarding the infographic I find it curious that in Wind Waker they show the eight shards of the triforce of courage separated, while in the first game the triforce of wisdom is shown in one piece.

    • Z2

      In the original game all the triforce shards looked the same when you went to pick them up.