The Highest-Selling Video Games, by Console [ article ]

When you look over the whole infographic, it becomes apparent why certain developers make sequel after sequel for their specific franchises.

source: Title Pro


  • It would look completely different if they excluded the games that you got for free when buying the console. Several of these games I wouldn’t own if it weren’t for that they came with the console.

    • skyrender

      There would still be some pretty big numbers. Mario Kart WIi sold a solid 35.5 million at least, SMB3 sold around 17.3 million on NES, Donkey Kong Country weighed in at around 9.3 million on SNES, and GTA5 sold about 16.9 million on 360. Not as big as Wii Sports, SMB1, SMW or Kinect Adventures, but definitely still huge amounts.

  • Freezer

    Some rather significant omissions from the Sega section…