Super Mario’s Family Tree [ article ]

Mario gets around more than the average lady of the night.


  • Yue

    no mention of fake Super Mario Bros 2 ?

    • JP

      Yes, there is a mention. Last line on the whole thing says “No unofficial or unreleased games included”

      [HTML markup powers, don’t fail me now]

  • Mavado

    No mention of Golf for NES (1984).

  • Hmm, someone messed up on Super Mario Land 2; I think they used the map sprite and the regular Mario sprite, rather than the regular Mario sprite and the Super Mario sprite.

    • Phaelin

      Maybe it was intentional? In order to show the various appearances he took on in the game?

      Or a mistake.

  • No Donkey Kong 2?

  • K7

    Missing Golf for the NES.

  • Michael c.

    It lacks Tetris for the Game Boy. Two player modes make it Mario vs Luigi.