Normal vs. Gamer Hand [ article ]

Something a little more complicated would be a normal person’s hand versus a Photoshop users hand. I’m honestly not even sure how to chart that.

original: DailyFailCenter
updated version: Dueling Analogs


  • hydrocow

    being left handed it is, thumb to pinky on the right hand, ctrl, left, up/down/shift, right, numpad0.

    • H3xx

      That seems kind of compact to me. I would use, from thumb to pinky, right arrow, numpad4, numbapd8/5, numpad6, and numpadEnter. I say would because I’m right handed, not left handed.

  • Anonymous

    Oooo, I just noticed, no comics by Steve for the entire months of October AND November!

    PS. Guest strips don’t count. On a related note, I guess there was no Guest Comic month this year (unless it became Guest 2 Comics for 2 Months).

  • Yue

    And for a console gamer, Thumb is analog stick/d-pad, pointer and middle finger are L1/L2 (or only the pointer, depends on the person), which leave the ring and little finger being nameless.. or “support”.

    • Rob

      the pinky and ring fingers are the controller gripps, or holders.

    • Xuncu

      They are then, in fact, the legendary “Fings”

  • Sabbo

    Photoshop is… complicated. Although, if you’re the kind to not use shortcuts, then it’s a bit simpler. Either way though, it’s not really chartable. (Even among right-handers, I’ve seen a lot of variation among which Shift/Ctrl/Alt/Command key to use for each shortcut.)