Nintendo: A Gaming Success [ article ]

With all the ups and downs in the gaming industry, it’s good to see that Nintendo is pretty consistant. Sure, they’ve made mistakes over the years, but they’re still like our own personal stalker: we know they’re always there.

source: MBA Online


  • Vilhelm

    “The NES featured . . . higher quality hardware . . . ”

    Higher than what? Atari? My 2600 and my NES both still work (including their original controllers), but the 2600 doesn’t require me to blow vigorously on anything, or gently finesse a delicate plastic tray into place in order to work. And man, how great do the switches on a 2600 feel? So solid.

    “Nintendo’s success is because of its (sic) devotion to making games that appeal to everyone – NOT JUST GAMERS.”

    I can’t stand when someone makes a long list of facts (probably, I didn’t check them), and then throws in an opinion as though it were also a fact.

    • Vilhelm

      Derp, strike that “(sic)”. Stupid brain.

      • Nintendo should not be credited for the Playstation. It was not a collaborative effort. Nintendo reneged on the deal with Sony. If anything, it should be displayed as a huge mistake by Nintendo. It was by their mistake that their rule of the industry began to crumble by the 5th console generation, and in doing so they introduced a new competitor into the console gaming market.

    • Mygaffer

      While I have some issues with the way facts are cherry picked to make Nintendo look good (issues being too strong a word, no one is making important decisions based on this fun infographic) they most likely mean faster hardware, not better made. I know the talk about more precise controllers muddies the waters a bit and makes it seem as if they are talking about build quality but I do not believe so.

  • Anonymous

    This infographic is outdated: the 3DS recently passed the PS3 in lifetime sales.

    I’m also not sure if the Game Boy and Game Boy Color should be counted as one system in the sales list…

    Also, it’s been said before, but I’ll say it again: Wii Sports doesn’t count for game sales. They are counting the games that were packaged with EVERY Wii for years. Only those copies that were actually individually bought should count.

    • Pocket Lord Sephirjon

      YES, EXACTLY!!!!! It’s like saying that Minesweeper is the best-selling PC game of all time! I also think this should apply to Wii Play, since that came with the extra controller, essentially being given away for free.

      • thewood

        By that logic you’d have to cut the original Super Mario Bros. from the list too, since it came with the NES system for quite a few years, and Duck Hunt because it came with the zapper.

    • Bob

      Just a quick correction to what you said.. 3DS has more lifetime sales than PS3 in Japan, not worldwide.

      • Anonymous

        Ah, I see.

        I only saw the headline on GameFAQs, I didn’t bother to read it. My bad.

  • Yue

    Wii Sport and Super Mario Bros., shouldn’t be on the top sold games, because they were both bundled with their respective console, meaning you had no choice to “buy” them if you were getting the console.

    • Armane

      They also own 19 of the top 20 games sold (in this list), as the only non-Nintendo game is GTA: San Andreas. Although obviously they don’t own the license for Tetris, so maybe that’s why they weren’t counting it.

    • David

      True, but Duck Hunt and Alex Kidd weren’t up there on the list. I’d also argue that Wii Sports and Super Mario Bros sold more consoles than anything else.

      • David

        Doh. Missed Duck Hunt on the list. =P

  • Jimboli

    I also believe they recorded their first Quarter year without any profits when the 3DS hit the shelves… But that’s still pretty good considering how long they’ve been in business.