Mass Effect 3: By the Numbers [ article ]

I’ve checked over this infographic a few times and still cannot find where they give the number of people who complained about how it ended. My bet is that its more than the amount of people who actually finished it. Just saying…

source: Twitter


  • yonder

    Silvia, are you now just learning that EA requires 100% of their games to be online to play? Seriously?

    You know that info that gets added to your saved game files in ME1 and ME2 and gets read and imported into ME3 (or from ME1 to ME2, of course). That’s just a recorded list of decisions. ME3 sends *ALL* of that information to EA since being online is a requirement for playing ME3. And that is how EA knows. How the heck would a survey give them 88.3 million years or 10.7 billion killed (okay that one is OBVIOUSLY MP)?

    Games have been doing this for years. Many, many, many years. Sending the info home to the mothership is just the next step up, and it’s not exactly that new.

    • thewood

      Actually, Origin has been patched with offline mode and you can play ME3 offline, as long as it’s not multiplayer. That’s for PC, can’t speak for the console versions.

      • Ed

        You could always play SP on consoles without enabling EA’s tracking software that’s imbedded in the game or having a live internet connection.Still, it’s a little bit startling that EA wants to datamine so much information from people’s gameplay habits.

        I really want to see a statistic for what percentage only played the final mission once. I’ll bet that it is quite a bit higher than EA would want to admit.

  • Yue

    I’m guessing this doesn’t include people who
    A) Blocked the game’s access to the internet
    B) Don’t have an active internet connection (consoles mainly)
    C) Pirates.

  • jsm1978

    I chose Ash and let Kaiden die, kept Wrex alive the whole time, got Tali killed in the assault on the reaper in 2, was a Paragon Vanguard, but I reloaded a save to see both outcomes for the Garrus shootout, so can’t say where I counted there. Won it initially, so guess I’ll go with that.

  • Svafa

    How did they account for multiple play-throughs? Were my male and female games counted separately or did they just randomly pick one?