Keeping Shop [ article ]

Screw working at an Apple store. I want to work at Costco, so I can get one of those sweet ‘staches!

Seriously, though…As a Mac user, I find some happiness in this article. It helps a little that I am still a gamer who owns a Mac.

source: Mashable


  • Jaybonaut

    More evidence that Gamestop is evil.

  • Akanama

    The sales per ft square is not really surprising, considering the computers/laptops/monitors are all drastically overpriced for what comparable windows or linux computers cost. Apple stores sell you pretty for expensive, while costco sells you content for cheap. (also gamestop has preorders, just felt like adding that)

    • Celes

      Sure the goods sold are rather expensive, but so are Tiffany’s

  • yonder

    I’m truly confused, where is the happiness that you find in this article? Do world-record profit margins make you happy as a customer? As Akanama says… “drastically overpriced”. They’re taking in nearly double the money of one of the most upper-end jewelry stores in the world. Please go to Tiffany’s and explain why seeing them double their revenue gives you “some happiness”. The one and only thing I can see that’s good is the employee pay, and c’mon, it’s compared to
    1)A horrible, dying, harrassment-based store
    2)A wholesale provider whose entire existence is based on offering the most product for the least amount of money

    So… yeah… the world-leader in overpricing *SHOULD* be paying their employees nearly 12 dollars an hour on average (that’s sarcasm, it should be more… but that would cut into the happiness-inducing profit-margin).

    But… this is nothing new. I’ve never understood the Apple sheeple. Never. Yes, they make wonderful stuff. WONDERFUL. But holy crap it’s nowhere near the price and the basic requirement that you HAVE TO buy everything Apple (because roughly 100% of their stuff requires Apple-only proprietary stuff like power adapters and whatnot.) Once you go Apple, you aren’t allowed to go back, and that honestly doesn’t appeal at all to me.

  • Triaxx2

    i always feel dirty when I use a Mac. I have to take a shower, and pray at the Shrine of Linux and Windows to cleanse myself.

    • Jeff

      I thought I was the only one

  • mitha

    Is the author of this infographic really making the calc that 85m visitors in 2012 equals over 1b in 12 years? Sorry, I can’t take something like this seriously.

  • Kaligomalus

    Whenever I use something made by apple i have to resist the temptation to next go and live in a cave away from all technology just so I never have to use such terrible overpriced equipment again

  • Arrowsmith

    And yet Apple is still not getting a single penny from me. No songs bought from iTunes, no Apple products, no supporting overpriced garbage with an OS that frustrates me to no end. Ugh, I sound like a troll….but I still don’t like Apple. Maybe when they bring their prices in line with everyone else will they start to get my business.

    • Matt

      Buying songs from iTunes is bullcrap. If you want the actual file to use anywhere else (I don’t want an over-priced iPod) then you have to dig deep into some random folders to actually get it. The only songs I buy are from indie bands and I buy them off of bandcamp where you actually get the file to use up front and the artist is probably getting more per song than on iTunes.

      I had to use a Mac half the time in my school because they have that everywhere except the library. I’m not even someone who needs to change a ton of things on his computer to feel comfortable but EVERY little thing they do annoys me to no end. They basically make their stuff for stupid people and remove any sort of customization even if it’s small. Like I don’t think you can change the inverted controls on a mouse which is just STUPID (don’t hold me to that but stupid things like that you can’t change, just ARGH!!!).

  • Michael

    Apple makes overpriced trash.

  • MaddoxFan

    It’s funny when I think about this Maddox Article in which he said the only difference between mac and windows users is that windows users know how to shut the fuck up. This comment section proves the opposite unfortunately. I bought my first Mac a few weeks a go, the retina model and I’m actually quite content, since the 16 GB make it possible to load a giant Sample Orchestra while I use Finale on Parallels without problems (I study composition) and Sound design works really good with it. I still own my PC and I love it for playing games with it. And to me there is no better or worse OS, they have both good or bad things. Oh and the battery life really rules. As long as you don’t activate the ATI Card and don’t use much of the processor (which is the case with sample libraries) it lasts really long

    Anyway it’s quite revealing what some hardcore PC users write…

    • Tim

      Yes, they certainly like to whine a lot about price. They’re not content with simply *not buying* Apple products, they want everyone else to know how much they’re not buying them as loudly as possible.

      I like what the UNIX heritage offers to the OS, granting it much of the security and functionality that Linux enjoys. I like that the in-house hardware and software design means hardware functions like sleep mode work with much more consistency and reliability. I also like the GUI design for the OS, specifically the Human Interface Guidelines and the consistency of appearance and behaviour that it encourages programmers to follow when designing apps.

      I don’t put Apple on a pedestal, they make mistakes just like any other company (Skeuomorphic Calendar and Contacts apps? Eugh). I like Apple for their successful product designs in the exact same way I like Microsoft for their success with the Xbox 360. If anything, Macs have enabled me to enjoy Windows *more* by focusing on using it for what it excels at (Windows-only games), and not use if for the features/quirks that drive me crazy.

  • Jamal

    General Aladeen: You’re an Apple Genius, so what do you do?
    Nadal: Mostly I clean semen out of laptops.

  • MaddoxFan

    One of the best movies ;)

    And somehow it’s true, surfing for porn is easier with macs… :/ Well, I should go to sleep now…

  • Lane Trip

    I’ll gladly keep my job at Costco where I make $19.80/h ($29.70 on Sundays) and have great benefits including a great 401k and full medical benefits. Screw working for Apple.