IGN Readers’ Views on Motion Controls [ article ]

As far as touch controls, I do believe they serve a purpose on mobile devices. It’s a different kind of platform with a different set of requirements. So in that environment I can definitely see them working.

But overall I’ve been pretty disappointed by the inclusion of motion controls in console gaming. In fact, I often find my self searching through menus and rereading instruction manuals just with the hopes of finding a way to disable these gimmicks from the games. That’s just how much I love them.

Serious developers, if you can find a way for us to play games with the addition of motion controls then you should also be able to figure out a way for us to play them without it, too. I’m just sayin’…

source: IGN


  • Fluxxdog

    It’s a lot like the Wii. In fact, it’s mostly because OF the Wii. People were interested in them then because it was something new and now the fad is dying.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I cringe whenever I see that a big Wii game requires significant motion controls, because I know that they will be annoying as hell (I’m looking at you, Skyward Sword).

    • yue

      While I’m not a big fan of motion controls, the Wii kind of did it right. You still have buttons to press and all, unlike the Kinect. Though I have to admit, the latest big title from Nintendo (Skyward Sword) wasn’t exactly that good… especially the fights with Ghirahim, imprecise PoS that you have to aim one way and hit from the other.. made me stop playing out of rage at the very end, simply couldn’t get pass him to get to the final boss.

      • Blackleg

        really? i found the motion controls incredibly accurate. While i’m indifferent to motion controls and if given the option would play with a regular controller, skyward sword did it right. While the game wasn’t as good as it was hyped up to be it was still one of the best zelda games. it just suffers from overhype like brawl did.

  • Triaxx

    I don’t get the hate. I really don’t. I guess it’s when motion controls are done wrong that there’s a problem. Compare RE4 Wii to RE4 GC (Or a GC controller on the Wii) and to something like say… Conduit perhaps? 4 with the Wiimote is tons easier than with a GC controller.

    I use RE4 because it shows that a good game can be adapted to motion controls both functionally, and in such a way that WORKS. The trouble is that too many companies focus on the motion controls instead of making an awesome game, and THEN dealing with the controls. I like motion controls, but there are too many games that do them too badly.

    Would a lack of them make me stop? No. Do I think it’s a killer? No. Do they need at least one more generation of evolution before we can put a yes or no on them? Certainly. Consider all the things that the Playstation invented, that the Playstation 2 took and scrubbed the rough edges off and polished into diamond.

    • David

      That’s spot on. Right now we’re judging the entire concept based on a platform that got flooded with shovelware right from the start and two consoles that don’t see AAA titles using the motion device because using them means cutting off the majority of your userbase.
      With a Kinect as standard on the next XBOX we would see developers actually using it on their terms. No pressure. They’d either have an idea they want to try out using it or they’d stick with the standard controls. If they want to make a game that only uses Kinect they can try to appeal to a group other than the dancing or party game crowds. As much as I hated the SIXAXIS it was a step in the right direction. A standard controller that could do more. It worked for rumble, analogue sticks and triggers.

      • Triaxx2

        The SIXAXIS was awesome. The problem I had was that it was either too sensitive or not sensitive enough. It couldn’t seem to find a balance.

        Besides, who hasn’t been trying to make games do something by moving the controller since Super Mario Bros?

  • Falos

    Is this really all that much better than a bulleted speed list? Graphic designers…

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    I automatically veto any game with significant amount of motion controls, personally. Basically the only games I’ve ever enjoyed on the Wii are Brawl, Super Paper Mario, and Fire Emblem.

    I’d like to think I’m forgetting something but … I don’t think I am.

    Nope, nothing else comes to mind.

    • Anonymous

      Kirby’s Return to Dreamland has very little motion-control (and I believe it is optional, too).

  • Nobody

    I have seen motion controls both done well and poorly. Skyward Sword is one of the cases of it being done well and with the exception of the harp it was very intuitive. Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a prime example of doing it badly since it used movement to trigger all the skills the movements for the skills were to similar.

    For the most part it should be restricted to aiming in FPS games and not used to control everything. That makes FPS games easier to play on consoles in my opinion but I still prefer them on PC.

    Kenect is a flop in my opinion due to the lack of any controllers which resulted in putting the games on rails. It could be greatly improved with something as simple as a joystick to allow free movement in the world

  • Chaos

    99% of the reason I bought a Wii was for Monster Hunter Tri.

    Most I used motion controls for was House of the Dead: Overkill. I will never get sick of that. I used the classic controller for Tri.

  • Paul

    I don’t feel motion controls are bad, just that the technology isn’t quite up to snuff yet. I imagine in the future they will create better motion controls that actually work, but for now it’s more of a novelty.

  • Drascin

    Are you kidding me? “More people do not care about motion controls than actively want them?” No duh, man. More people are indifferent to pretty much *anything* than want it. In similarly surprising news, recent investigations show water may be wet. Are you trying to actually SAY something?

    Seriously, this infographic is kind of terrible.

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaa

    IGN readers don’t like something. Shocking.

  • Narso

    Furthermore, IGN readers are not a representative sample of the gaming market. Wiis and iOS devices/games would not be selling like hotcakes if people didn’t enjoy motion and touch control.

    I love my Wii, but the reason I haven’t been playing it lately is because there hasn’t been any software I’ve wanted to play. Other than Skyward Sword there hasn’t been anything in the last year or two that piqued my interest.

  • Jarrett

    Try playing a sports game with a Wiimote that isn’t Wii Sports. I did with NBA 2k10, and one of the madden games. What a horrible experience those both were.