How to Tell if a Toy is for Boys or Girls [ article ]

But I thought certain “toys” were a girls best friend…

One of the coolest things about this infographic, was that it got reposted by Neil Gaiman, the creator of The Sandman, Stardust, and Coraline, himself. I know who probably just found the post by doing a Google search, but it was still pretty cool to see someone so talented directly linking to Dueling Analogs. He also tweeted it too!

original: Facebook
updated version: Dueling Analogs


  • yue

    … Should be another tree under “no”.
    Is it pink ? Yes, it’s for girls. No, it’s for both boys and girls.

    • JulieR

      THIS… exactly this… only completely not, and wow, totally missing the point!

    • Kipz

      You’ve not understood the chart, Yue. The whole point is that there isn’t a tree like the one you suggested.

    • Steve

      What about my little pony? Seems to be pretty popular with a lot of guys right now.

  • Mir

    Please update it to say “it’s for both boys and girls”.
    The either-or phrasing means that no toys whatsoever can be for both boys and girls (mutually exclusive):

    (As for pink being a girls colour – the previous commenter – that’s a rather late construct. I’d say that if it’s pink, it’s probably not a toy for anyone, considered how sucky girls toys usually are constructed. Unless it goes into the left category.) (Anyway, to quote Top Gear, “pink is the colour of the warrior”.)

    • ThisIsNotDan

      Yes, it’s very important that this graphic about operating toys with your genitalia be politically correct. You’d better change it.

      • Micah

        You know that “politically correct” is not the same as grammatically correct, don’t you? Or do you think that anyone correcting your spelling/grammar is doing so to be politically correct?

  • Aatos

    I think related to this post was this bit of news:

    Living in the neighboring Finland we somewhat share the Swedes’ ideas of equality – kids should at least be free to choose whether they want to play with dolls/kitchenware or action figures & nerf guns. It’s completely perplexing to see the panic this apparently has caused in some countries, even as civilized as UK or US.

    • PrinceJonathan

      Since when is the US “civilized”? We’re petty greedy brutal savages who pillage other nations with only slightly more subtlety than a mongol horde!

      Anyway according to this graph I must be playing with my Transformers wrong.

  • Kal

    I don’t get it. This is either too obvious its pointless, or too complex to understand by mere mortals

    • Sky Render

      Put simply, a great many first-world countries still hold misconceptions of gender identity and apparent sex being one and the same and as a result differentiate various types of toys as being “for boys” or “for girls”. This image is both pointing out that this idea is outdated and also being funny by mentioning that sex toys are not meant for children.

  • CoolDude

    But, I play Beyblade with my wiener, play gameboy with my wiener, and sometimes, the DS/3DS