How to Pick the Perfect Video Game [ article ]

My path took me to DuckTales… Seems legitimate to me.


  • joe c

    No Pokémon? One of the most popular game series around? W T F

  • kika

    I find it strange that Zelda etc. are under “no puzzles” section.

    • Dash12345678

      And Team Fortress 2 under ‘no ridiculous non-stop action, rocket jumps, laser guns, etc’, and Left 4 Dead under ‘no heavy reliance on team-play and strategy’

  • Phaelin

    Definite flaws in the list, but a fun read nonetheless.

  • yue

    Got to Portal 2. Seems legit to me.

  • Grey

    how did “do you want to level your character? – no” led to mass effect and kingdom hearts?

    • Dash12345678

      And Castle Crashers. And Skyrim.

  • Anonymous

    How did MALE MC lead to Okami? The maker must have forgotten that Ammy is female.

  • Amethyst

    My favorite part is:

    Care to play possibly the greatest game of all time?
    Yes, Chrono Trigger.
    No, Final Fantasy.

  • Panchira

    Naturally I was taken down the RPG route, and ended up pretty much where I expected, except for one glaring error: when asked do you want your games made in Japan or America, the option states “USA” and leads to either Fallout 2 or Knights of the Old Republic. Both are absolute classics, but correct me if I’m wrong when I say that Bioware (the maker of both) is a Canadian company? It might sound pernickety, but this kind of thing frequently bothers gamers who are not from the US. The fact that Bioware isn’t a US company is immediately obvious when playing their games (dark humour, a wide range of voice actors, etc).

    • Yadda

      BioWare didn’t make Fallout 2, Interplay did.