How to Pick the Perfect Video Game

How to Pick the Perfect Video Game

How to Pick the Perfect Video Game

by Steve Napierski to Articles

My path took me to DuckTales… Seems legitimate to me.

  • joe c

    No Pokémon? One of the most popular game series around? W T F

  • kika

    I find it strange that Zelda etc. are under “no puzzles” section.

    • Dash12345678

      And Team Fortress 2 under ‘no ridiculous non-stop action, rocket jumps, laser guns, etc’, and Left 4 Dead under ‘no heavy reliance on team-play and strategy’

  • Phaelin

    Definite flaws in the list, but a fun read nonetheless.

  • yue

    Got to Portal 2. Seems legit to me.

  • Grey

    how did “do you want to level your character? – no” led to mass effect and kingdom hearts?

    • Dash12345678

      And Castle Crashers. And Skyrim.

  • Anonymous

    How did MALE MC lead to Okami? The maker must have forgotten that Ammy is female.

  • Amethyst

    My favorite part is:

    Care to play possibly the greatest game of all time?
    Yes, Chrono Trigger.
    No, Final Fantasy.

  • Panchira

    Naturally I was taken down the RPG route, and ended up pretty much where I expected, except for one glaring error: when asked do you want your games made in Japan or America, the option states “USA” and leads to either Fallout 2 or Knights of the Old Republic. Both are absolute classics, but correct me if I’m wrong when I say that Bioware (the maker of both) is a Canadian company? It might sound pernickety, but this kind of thing frequently bothers gamers who are not from the US. The fact that Bioware isn’t a US company is immediately obvious when playing their games (dark humour, a wide range of voice actors, etc).