How to Choose the Perfect Board Game [ article ]

If I created this infographic, all paths would lead to Carcassonne.


  • Halrawk

    The way we do board game night with my friends.
    Is it Munchkin? Yes = Good
    No = Lets play Munchkin next.

    • PrinceJonathan

      Oh god Munchkin! I miss playing that. I used to go to a local comic shop on weekends to play Yu-gi-oh (which should probably be up there right next to Magic, seriously the trading market was so over inflated I couldn’t afford shit!) but most of the time I’d end up sitting with my friend Matt and play either Munchkin or Dominion.

  • Shep

    Cards against humanity Is possibly the best thing to come out of kickstarter that I know of, needs to be a non family night, or a messed up family.

  • Phaelin

    So. I just found some cool new board games to try out.

    Mancala is also good.

  • Xuncu

    Damn, some I never even heard of!

  • H3xx

    I’m surprised that D&D isn’t anywhere in that flow chart.

  • Nelo

    why is Arkham Horror deriving from a “2 hours or less” option? I’ve seen games take up to 7 hours, with inexperienced players and the usual is around 3h to finish.

    unless you die horribly meanwhile :P

  • Zeri

    awesome. found one issue with it though. warhammer branches off from the tree for not having to play more than 2 hours. with the crazy amount of rules and setup and rules lawyering and whatnot that goes along with the game i don’t think i’ve ever had a match that took less than 3. other than that, though, pretty sweet :P