Gaming is Good For You [ article ]

So put down that book and do something positive for your brain. ;)

source: Frugal Dad


  • Steve, these infographics are interesting and all, but they always leave something to be desired. 76% of married couples say what? Where was this sample selected?

    Anyway, I appreciate the shares, but I hope I’m not alone in saying that I miss the comics you used to make. I know it hasn’t been THAT long since your last one, but when can we expect regular updates again?

    • Fluff

      Really? Thats the statistic you got hung up on? And really.. he gave you the link to the source he used… Internet warriors these days…

      • There are many links present as sources, but the infographic lacks appropriate footnoting. This isn’t about being an “internet warrior”. It’s about being someone who is actually involved in research and presenting research. Please don’t condescend. A bad infographic is a bad infographic.

    • Nuckel

      I second that.

    • McGloomy

      The information about married couples playing MMORPGs can be found under the link. These infographics are meant to be entertaining and people who want to dig deeper can always follow the links and find out more. Footnotes would have been nice, but in this case it was probably style over substance.

  • Stan

    These infographs are so misleading…

  • Toph

    Seriously, where are the comics? Don’t go all VG Cats on us. That’s the reason I come to the website, not for links to infographics and Dorkly.

  • Mordordevil

    Wow guys. Why all the “Where’s the comics?” hate? Steve is probably busy with stuff in REAL LIFE. He’ll put out a new one when he gets to it…

    • Anonymous

      The “hate” is probably there because we all know that another Guest Month will be coming eventually. And that the new design of the site appears to be so he can make it appear that he is updating the site more often with what is essentially the same as guest comics.

  • While I do appreciate the finds, I’m a little disappointed that more of Dueling Analogs’ updates on the site are from another source.

  • jonathan

    sorry, as much as i believe gamers do benefit from gaming, i feel that this kind of defense is as good as the defense used against games, take a bunch of things you agree with and paint a perfect picture to show around. gaming is great , rhetoric is not