From Pac-Man To WOW [ article ]

I honestly didn’t realize that Oregon Trail was as old as it is. In fact, I just switched over to Wikipedia mid-sentence to make sure that was accurate… Well, as accurate as you’re going to get from Wikipedia. Know what I’m saying?


  • Sabbo

    Eh. It’s too X-Box focused at the end. There was so many more important events in gaming since the turn of the century than the Kinect, and Halo itself was predated by Goldeneye as far as high-quality 3D FPSs go.

    It also makes me wonder which definition of “gamer” they use when they say that four years ago, 25% of them were at least 50.

  • MindTricked

    Was I the only one thrown by the randomly-placed “A winner is you” thing? Especially since it was placed in the 70s section, rather than the 80s.

    • Davvolun

      I found the Diablo “Stay awhile and listen” in the pre-1970s section to be even more jarring.

  • PJ

    Sad Halo is on this list. It completely destroyed the FPS genre turning it into the “only 2 weapons at a time” slowed-down gameplay we all know today vs the “run n’ gun twitch shooters we used to have like Unreal and Quake.

    Also kind of sad to see all that evolution end with Angry Birds of all things…

  • LimEJET

    I wouldn’t trust this chart too much. It neglects to mention games like Elite (which introduced the concepts of 3D movement and procedural content) and Half-Life (which changed the way story was used with gameplay).

    It also lists the Gamecube, Dreamcast and Xbox as 64-bit systems, when in reality, they are all 32 bit systems,
    with the Gamecube’s POWER-based Gekko, the Dreamcast’s 32-bit SuperH-4, and the Xbox using a Pentium 3.
    With a bit of syntax leniency, however, the Dreamcast could be considered a 128-bit system, since it has a 128-bit vector graphics chip.

    Also… Angry Birds? Really?

  • thewood

    It said Mario defined platforming, I’ll agree with that, but they didn’t point out any other genre-defining games.
    FPS- Doom, need I say more?
    RPG- Dragon Warrior, RPGs still use the same basic formula, just prettier graphics.
    Adventure- Manhole or Myst for modern style, King’s Quest for the older style.
    Fighting- Street Fighter, NES version

    The infographic is a good start, but it’s missing a lot of good stuff.

  • Rorinthas

    So WoW is listed as the only MMORPG, the example of evolution into that area? WoW is nice, but lots of other games came along that it stands on their shoulders.

  • PJ

    Agreed, They mention WoW but fail to mention a game like Ultima Online which was the first “mmo” with a mass amount of players all on the same “realm” playing together. What the hell did WoW do to deserve being on this list besides making the most money off of others’ ideas.

  • Kal

    angry fucking birds. what is that gobshite doing on here

  • Kaye

    I really can’t believe that NatGeo screwed up the info like they did. Also, why isn’t the SNES listed during the 16-bit era? It’s SuperFX chip’s effects paved the way for 32-bit systems like the Playstation. If not the SFX chip, let the rivalry between Sega and Nintendo be mentioned as it pushed for the evolution of better games.

    This is a really, REALLY poorly done infographic in both information and style.

  • PJ

    Also where it Mortal Kombat… the game that is pretty much solely responsible for today’s ESRB ratings system.