FPSs vs. RPGs [ article ]

Saw this image on Reddit earlier today. Wanted to share it, but cleaned up the artwork a little bit before doing so. OCD to the rescue!

original via: Reddit
updated version: Dueling Analogs


  • Boots

    Lol totally agree with the RPG half of this comic! That’s all I ever play is mostly RPGs.

  • Anonymous

    Meh, making a custom character tends to be more available (and deeper) in Western RPGs, so I take issue with the Japanese on the box.

    Also, holy crap an infographic that isn’t going to start a fight!

    • Kal

      I agree

    • jeffers

      I disagree – KYAAH!

  • Klas

    And then you play with the character for three hours, get tired of it and create a new one.
    Rinse and repeat 4-5 times.

    Then you actually start playing the game.

  • WorMzy

    And then you equip a helmet and some armor and never see your customizations ever again.

  • BigLord

    Don’t even begin with Monster Hunter, haha. 10+ hours just for the tutorial :lol:

    • Chaos

      The most important part in Monster Hunter is your character’s voice.

      You need something that won’t make you claw your ears off after 10 minutes.

  • thewood

    It left out the “100 hours later”, FPS: “Ooooh, Call of Battle 6 is out!” RPG:”Finally got my completion score up to 75%!”