First Person Shooters: Combat Evolved [ article ]

I want to believe there are other significant FPSs missing from this infographic, but for the life of me I cannot think of them right now. Anything you feel should be appended, please feel free to comment about it below.

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  • Garjon

    Yes, Descent. Used full 3d models 2 years before Quake came out.

  • Klas

    Mods are missing.
    Team Fortress , ActionQuake and CS where all vast leaps in type of gameplay.

    Battlefield was basically just the first attempt to sell that concept in a pretty package.

  • Pete

    Decent. One of the first fps to use all 3 axis. Released in 1994.

    • thewood

      I’m not sure Descent counts as an fps, it’s more like a flight sim. Outstanding game though. I spent untold hours getting dizzy in those mines.

    • Benjamin Wunn

      and it got 3d models for enemies!

  • austin128

    How’d CoD 4 not get a sentence? It made EVERYONE implement a level-up system in multiplayer shooters!

    Cool list, though.

    • Jaybonaut

      No it didn’t – Planetside had that first, way before it.

      • austin128

        I’m not saying it did it first, I’m saying it made it popular. (Maybe I’m wrong)

    • Jimmy T

      It certainly deserved some recognition. And what you said is at least true for me, it was the first multiplayer I could get into because of its leveling aspects.

  • Triaxx2

    Perfect Dark refined Goldeneye’s formula and added bots to make it even more fun. Definitely deserves a spot.

    • H3xx

      Had a lot better weapons as well.

  • DSQ

    Lacks the system shock -series and the roleplaying synthesis/character development it brought to first person shooters as seen later in games like the deus ex -series and bioshock -series.

    • Agreed

      True. No System Shock, only a honorary mention of Deus Ex but attributing RPG elements to Borderland is big NO.

  • thewood

    Would have liked to have seen the original Unreal at least mentioned on the list. It was an outstanding FPS with a great story, and it had really good AI (Damn sneaky Skaarj). AND it introduced the Unreal Engine to the world, which is one of the most popular game engines, and quite a few of the other games on the list are built on a version of the Unreal engine.

  • Boorulz

    No System Shock or System Shock II?

  • yue

    Too bad graphics didn’t really evolve much since 2004. We got extra lighting effects to make things look prettier, but overall the textures are still low quality and look like shit from up close.

  • Deathdragon

    Two good ones to include would have been Soldier of Fortune and Serious Sam. Maybe even SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals.

  • Aggrojagg

    Planetside- first massively multiplayer FPS. Mass effect 3 should have made the list if Borderlands did. In its place IMO

    • Darchias

      Mass Effect was a 3rd person shooter, not a FPS, so it was not eligible for the list.

  • Lucas

    I think Bulletstorm was highly underrated.

  • Saba

    How about Heretic:

    “one of the first first-person games to feature inventory manipulation and the ability to look up and down. It also introduced multiple gib objects spawned when a character suffered a death by extreme force or heat. Previously, the character would simply crumple into a heap.” –

  • Russ

    Fallout 3 Bridged the RPG/FPS genre together. yes its completely a RPG but you can easily play it as a standalone FPS.

    • thewood

      Not really, if you didn’t pump enough XP into your weapon skills, good luck actually hitting anything even if your aim is dead on. That’s why I don’t count it as a shooter. It’s an RPG with shooter elements. Like Borderlands is a shooter with RPG elements. Borderlands is like Diablo done in FPS with all the loot you get.

      • Russ

        Fair enough.

  • URB

    I would have liked to see the Time Splitter series mentioned, especially the second one. Just for the sake of it.

    And this list seriously lack the mention of the OVNI that is the Metroid Prime series. They are FPS but at the same time rely heavily on the auto-aim to feel more like a platformer/adventure game. Very good games and quite a special experience.

  • Kaltorak

    Why has no one mentioned Rise of the Triad???

  • Lord o Darkness

    Not additional games, but seems like Deus Ex really ought to get more than just a spot on the line. First I can think of to bring rpg elements to fps.

    Also, while 3d models of course are big, in Quake they were far inferior to the pixel graphics of it’s competitors at the time (Duke 3d main example). Quake’s biggest contribution was being the first big fps using client-side server for multiplayer, which while creating the concept of lag frags, also pretty much makes online multiplayer feasible for fps.

  • Jimmy T

    Where is Fallout 3? Borderlands was pretty much a Fallout 3 without Vats. At the very least it was RPG and Loot driven before Borderlands.

    • Moose

      While I agree that fallout 3 should be there, it was not really loot driven. Sure there is weapons, ammo, etc that you loot, but the context was the diablo style randomly generated weapons of various types and attributes that were almost never the same. If you saw an enemy shooting you with an assault rifle in FO3 it was either the assault rifle or the Chinese assault rifle with varying weapon conditions, not a “bloody assault rifle of fire” Yes there were unique weapons of each class but they were always the same and there was only one.

      Maybe they left it out as it was more heavily RPG than FPS, and it could be played in third person, same with Morrowind/Oblivion.

  • Moose

    Aside from the missing FO3 (as commented earlier) What about the Stalker series? Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl was mostly open world environments, had various armor you could purchase with varying attributes, various weapons with deteriorating weapon conditions, varying ammo types and the artifacts that could boost damage reduction, inventory management due to max weight limit. Highly modable. It was like almost an RPG like FO3, except the player character himself had no exp/levels or stats/attributes.

    The much maligned sequel Clear sky added weapon and armor modification pathways to customize the weapons to your playing style.

    For any who want to check into it, Steam normally includes them in their Christmas sale, and the ‘Stalker Complete’ series of mods adds graphical enhancements and bug fixes.

  • The Anarchyz

    Hey, i don’t see DAIKATANA on the list… SAID NO ONE EVER!

  • Insaniteus

    Descent deserves to be up there, it was the first 3-axl FPS staring a starfighter in mineral mine mazes, and it was a great one with complex missile and laser weaponry set in a truly 3D environment. It was probably omitted because almost no games ever tried to copy it, and stuck with humans on foot instead.

    Another great omission that nobody else has mentioned is Alien vs Predator and AVP2, which introduced multiplayer featuring 3 very different and distinct races that shared zero weapons yet were perfectly balanced. I killed sooo many poor fools in those games back in the day.

  • X

    What about Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Battlefront II

  • Khayyaam

    I’d ask where Metroid Prime is but FPSes really didn’t take anything from that, which is a damn shame, because FPS games set inside a giant level with lots of exploring and re-exploring and progression through acquiring abilities sounds delicious.