Evolution of Video Game Consoles [ article ]

It’s really interesting to see how many different video game consoles were actually released. Sure we all know the winners, but it’s the lesser knowns that surprise you. Like who ever heard of a Sega Saturn?

source: RIPT Apparel


  • BigLord

    And now we have Piston and SHIELD too.

    … I want a Piston :(

    • yue

      Take a HDMI cable, connect your PC to your TV, there, no need for Piston and you can enjoy the PC experience on a big screen TV. The “piston” is just a console to play PC games on a TV, for the people who don’t realize they can just move their PC in the living room, or use wireless HDMI. Not to mention, it’s running Linux, meaning you will be limited in the games you can even play on the Piston, compared to if you just plugged your PC on the TV. (Or, you know, build a small ITX/m-ATX form factor powerhouse computer for the living room.)

      • thewood

        Especially now with wireless keyboards, mice, and really good controllers for PC, living room PCs are the true future. Hell, even my laptop beats a PS3 on graphics, and it’s 2 years old. Current top level desktop PCs can run the equivalent of 4 PS3s simultaneously.

  • Kyle

    Weird, it’s not showing anything for me… :(

    • That is weird. I’ve checked the post in multiple browsers and it seems to be loading correctly.

      • Kyle

        Thanks for checking on it. Multiple browsers failed for me, but then a few hours later, I was able to see it.

        I felt like it should have included the Japanese pictures of the consoles, and the different versions (PS3 slim and ultra-slim, for example).

  • Nobody

    I was surprised to find the Atari 2600 came out before the Odyssey 2. I have played on both systems and the Atari had much better graphics.

  • No idea. Whats my name again?

    what no super famicon or wonderswan? eh

    • Super Famicom is the Super NES on the infographic and the Wonderswan is a handheld.

  • RetroMartin

    Should’ve had the better names *cough*megadrive*cough*

    • In their defense, RIPT Apparel (who created the infographic) is Chicago based t-shirt company in the United States.

      • Dash12345678

        Steve, why is a t-shirt company in Chicago creating infographics about video-game consoles?

        • Phaelin

          Because RIPT makes awesome nerdy t-shirts!

        • Infographics come from a lot of unexpected sources. The How to Choose the Perfect Board Game infographic came from an online casino site, but that didn’t change the fact that it was a fun, informative and well received. Just look at the Facebook likes for it on the left side column.

      • TP

        RiPT should hire somebody to proofread before they send out infographics.

  • Cody Shiranai

    Since you brought up wanting to know every console, I’m surprised you haven’t seen this (or forgot it existed).

    Every Console Ever (up until the release of the Wii)

    Obviously this lacks the 3DS and the Vita because they hadn’t existed yet.

  • where is the gameboy? and psp? and another portable system