Does The UK Still Love Games? [ article ]

Living in the U.S.A., I tend to focus a little more on stuff close to home. So I decided to change it up a little bit and share one about the United Kingdom. Now if I could only find a gaming infographic about Liechtenstein…


  • yue

    These three :
    “Mobile devices, Social Networks and Casual websites”.

    Can be mixed in “Mobile”. (Which means about 50% of the UK are just casual “gamer” who play games like farmville and angrybirds)
    While MMO and PC should be mixed as well. Because let’s face it, the number of proper MMOs outside of the PC is too small to even consider.

    • Sabbo

      Nuh uh. There’s overlap, but these are not the same thing. Somebody playing Angry Birds or Candy Crush on their phone is different from the person who played Civilization World on Facebook, who is different from the person who plays the Pandemic flash game. They definitely can’t all be called “Mobile”, and Dueling Analogs has a comic on why “Casual” is a misnomer.

  • Armane

    “48/100 of the world’s top game studios are based in the UK”
    I can’t help but wonder what metric “top game studios” is judged by, and if it’s of all time or not. Presumably it includes mobile and facebook and such “casual” games, but I wouldn’t really consider those top studios by any metric other than profits.

    • Almost

      Spoken in the spirit of true ignorance. Given that the vast majority of the world doesn’t seem to realise that Rockstar North is in Scotland it shouldn’t really be suprising. But what are you basing your doubt on? You just don’t like the UK or don’t want to recognise that it is still a world force in game development?

  • Brocky

    This might get a few angry response, buttttt…

    I don’t consider (including but not limited to) Angry Birds or Bejeweled players as gamers. It’s like calling people who play minesweeper, solitaire or snake gamers. They are time killers. So I kind of feel that this info graphic is biased.

    • Triaxx2

      I kind of disagree, gamers are gamers. No matter what they play. How does it matter what kind of game it is? Poker players are gamers as well for that matter.

      • Charles

        Yes, it does matter.

        Would you clump someone who reads internet forums in with someone who reads actual books? They’re both “readers”.

        • Brocky

          And I think you’ll have a hard time convincing someone who reads books, that reading magazines is the same.