Console Power Over Time [ article ]

I’m personally not a fan of embedding other people’s code into the site, but when Liberty Games shared this infographic with me I thought it was too cool not to share. So you might need to give the iFrame (uh, hate those things) and JavaScript a few seconds to catch up. I never knew the Wii U had a higher GPU than the Xbox One. Now I do.


  • Reyos Blackwood

    The iPhone 6 is not a console

  • Kaisoni

    While I’m confused as to why the iPhone 6 is on there, I’m more confused as to what they’re referring to by CPU and GPU bits… both the xbone and the ps4 use 64 bit CPUs as far as I’m aware. Are they referring to the bus size? In which case they’re both 256 bit…
    Very odd.

    It’d be interesting to see the highest end consumer PC hardware available for each of those years to compare against. Sure, PCs aren’t technically consoles, but the latest consoles are pretty much PCs at this point. (and you could turn your PC into a console by installing SteamOS I guess…)
    Or maybe even the best computer hardware purchasable with the same amount of money the consoles cost for each of those years, although that would be a challenge to research…

  • Robert Porter

    Needs a logarithmic scale so the earlier consoles don’t look all the same.