Conceptual Map of the Main Genres of Video Games [ article ]

The American Psychological Association has released a paper called The Benefits of Playing Video Games. I found the graph called the Conceptual Map of the Main Genres of Video Games particularly interesting.

I think this chart sums up my gaming personality perfectly. All of my favorite genres lean towards non-social: platformers, RPGs, puzzles, and sandboxes… sandboxers… whatever (solo). Sorry ladies, but this gamer prefers to play with himself. ;)

Yeah, besides social media games, of which I only actually play Candy Crush Saga, all the game I pretty much play are anti-social. Yay, anti-socialness! In all honesty, if I could play Candy Crush Saga without interacting with anyone for lives or tickets I most definitely would. I just feel awkward asking people I haven’t seen for over a decade to give me stuff. Still, it beats the alternative where I have to pay actual money to King a.k.a. the creators of Bejeweled Candy Crush Saga to get stuff. That’ll never happen.